Your Worst Experience Ever With a GA or FMO Etc…

Your Worst Experience Ever With a GA or FMO Etc… For me it was finding out my Captive FMO was lying to me about commissions and bonuses. When I called them on it they demoted me and took my team away. I had built this team for over a year and it was producing well. Some of the people on my team were clients I brought in and long time friends. They split my team amongst the other managers in order to incentivize them to keep quiet as well. They threatened to fire me for cause if I complained about it and said they could do whatever they wanted for any reason they wanted.

Sounds like a really great FMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My worst experience was with Bob Bever of RBI in Arizona. He told me he didn’t want to work with me but would not release me. Since that time I’ve heard a similar story from many agents. Something about (in my opinion) of needing to control everything and everyone. Rick

Interesting how people can have totally different experiences. I like Bob and I think he runs a pretty good shop. I think he is a very reasonable guy. You say you’ve heard from other agents and I have no reason to doubt you, but I’ve not heard anyone else in this venue have an issue with him. I would think that if there were a lot of agents here who had a problem with RBI that it would have surfaced by now. Anyone else out there who has had a problem with RBI who cares to comment?

Al, I dare you to contract with Bob and then ask for a release in 3 months. See how reasonable he is with you. You stuck your nose into my business with Bob last year. You want to start that crap again? Rick

I don’t want to start anything. I know better. I’m only saying that my opinion of Bob is different than yours. You are free to disagree. I think he is an OK guy. Maybe no one else does. That’s fine. My point is that different people have different experiences with different GAs. Why does that analysis upset you? And why is all of this "your business?" You made a post. I disagreed with it based on my experience. People can and will believe what they wish. Some may not agree with you. Some may not agree with me. I’m fine with that. Are you?

I gotta say Al I’ve grown to like you but on this one you are purely jacking with Rick. The post was "Your Worst Experience Ever With a GA or FMO Etc…" It wasn’t "Good and Bad". To me, post your worst or don’t post. This post may end up with some value but you two gouging each other’s eyes out is gonna get old again real quick. That said…my worst is NAA.

My worst was Diversified Final Expense Specialists run by Mike Rose and his boy Anthony out of Bloomfield, NJ. I was forced to go through training at my expense on 50% contracts where I was paying for the leads. When I left I had to eat ~$625 for leads they gave me for a week that I was told by my "manager" that I wouldn’t have to pay for if I left. I not only had to pay for it, but Anthony Rose lied to me about a customer canceling because they didn’t want to pay the commission, but when I called the carrier I was told that not only did they take the policy, but they had continued paying the policy for 9 months and were current. My experience with Diversified Final Expense Specialists was horrible because the training was poor, they charged me for it, the contracts were low, and they charged me for the lousy leads, but wanted to maintain ownership of them.

I see your point. I understand where you are coming from. Perhaps I was off-topic… but this venue has a long tradition of threads that "wander" away from the exact topic and where a dialectic or a polemic develops. It’s been a natural occurrence here over the years for one agent to post something like "NAA is the worst" and for someone to counter it with a rebuttal. I think that has been a good thing because we all learn something and perhaps we get closer to whatever could be called "the truth." Just because one person has a horrible experience with a vendor does not mean that the vendor is horrible… or always horrible. So I was simply trying to put this in perspective based on my own limited experience. I’m sorry you found my posting offensive but unless otherwise instructed by the list owner or the moderator, I don’t really see where a dissenting opinion on or about a GA or any other vendor should not be presented… here or elsewhere. I guess we simply have to agree to disagree on this and to follow our own conscience as to what is and is not proper to do or say in a thread such as this one.

And what might be the name of these fine people?

How many contracts do you have with RBI?

Al, it’s not that your opinion isn’t valid it’s how you present it. I enjoy your posts, but you have to admit that you’re passive aggressive. I used to teach kids like that. They were passive aggressive and when someone got upset, they would say, "Oh, I didn’t mean anything by it…you’re just taking it wrong." (Everyone knew exactly how they meant it.) Then they would play the victim and say that everyone was thinking the worst of them and how they didn’t do anything.

I understand how you reach the above conclusion. I am not ‘passive aggressive’ nor do I for a second think you have the information necessary or the medical expertise to make that diagnosis (which some might call a ‘personal attack’… surely if I had posted it it would have been considered such.) But… this venue allows a free airing and exchange of opinions so I will accept what you say with the caveat that I am allowed to disagree. As to whether one can disagree with what the supposed "topic" of a thread is, well I believe that is totally permissible. I would say there is a "reasonable person" test we have traditionally applied. Subscriber A says "XYX is terrible." Another poster, B, says "No, XYZ is NOT terrible." Would a "reasonable" third-party conclude that the second poster is ‘off topic’? I just don’t think so, at least within the context of the five year history of this venue as I’ve participated in it. I would say that when a thread says "what is the worst" one can make a reasonable inference that it is permissible to disagree with what someone calls "worst" with a conflicting post…. assuming they are still talking about XYZ… which in this case… was the case! This venue has never had a strict "stay on topic or we delete you" policy. It has been left up to the judgement of the community and for the past five years a ‘reasonable man’ approach has been taken most of the time. Even when threads have been hijacked and have resulted in long meanderings away from the original topic, it has been tolerated. (Some come back on-topic, some don’t.) So, that is my perspective. I understand your perspective. Perhaps you might want to take it to the board owner and ask for a ruling about what the limits are about what you would consider off-topic posting on this board. Most board owners don’t want "to go there" but I suppose it can’t hurt to ask. In closing, may I politely ask that in the future you base your criticism of someone’s posting on the issues that are relevant to the topic or message, and not on your supposed inference on one’s psychological state or supposed infirmities. Al

Since the title of the thread was the worst experience with a GA or FMO, posting what a wonderful person Bob Bever might be has nothing to do with the fact that I found him to be the worst FMO I’ve ever worked with. The simply fact is the response of "I called him and he’s a swell guy" means nothing unless you’ve actually worked with the jerk. He might be a fun drunk (maybe Al can meet him and find out) but he’s a (in my opinion) a terrible marketer. So once again, I am offended with Al’s attempt to discredit my actual experience with the worst FMO I’ve ever had the displeasure to work with. Rick

Just a thought. There is a restaurant in your town, and it is universally regarded as the best in the city. Everyone loves the place, you can’t find one person who’ll say anything bad about the place. You go there for dinner one night and have a horrible experience. You hate every minute you’re there and can’t wait to leave. Again, everyone loves the place, did you still have a bad experience?

So when you post here that the Dodgers are the worst team in baseball and I post that my opinion of the team is different, you are offended? C’mon man (as they say in the pre-game football show). You’re just trying to pick a fight or make an issue where there is none. You think Bob and RBI is "the worst" and I (dare) disagree? What’s the big deal? Let it go. Jeez, Louise. It’s not like this is the first time someone on this board has disagreed with you. Live and let live. You’d think I’ve committed a federal crime by the way you are carrying on about this.

The difference is both of us could have similar experiences watching the Dodgers. In this case, you have no experience with the FMO, only the person. You can’t compare his operation to any one else because you never worked with the guy. Yet you have decided that I am wrong based upon the fact that you really dislike me and will do anything you can to put me down. As usual, your only reason for an "opinion" is because I said black and you must say white. I’m done with responding to you on this subject. Go call your friend Bob and have his lawyer send me another letter threatening to sue over my opinion of him. The fact that you like him doesn’t surprise anyone here. Rick

we need to get some boxing gloves for this forum!

No one comes close to Parker and Asses as the worst. That’s personal experience. Not some pie in the sky like Al and commenting on something I never had experience with. I’m sure if you call up the Parker people on the phone and kiss their ass you would say they are nice enough folks to chat with. Parker and Asses will steal your money and refuse to release you. It dooesn’t get much worse than that.

We have a section called The Fight Club just for that!

Somehow I avoided them as an FMO. But I did call and had many conversations with Mr. Parker. Seems like a great guy and just because EVERYONE posts how bad they are, my experience is just the opposite. Of course, this has nothing to do with the way they do business but only because we had a wonderful conversation where we agreed that you are not a good agent. That’s just my opinion and I’m enititled to it because I never worked with them. Rick

Hmmm. I think maybe we are getting a bit closer to the truth on why you posted about RBI and Bob B. You said some very unkind things about him in this venue and he got pissed off and called you on it and made you take down your posts. You were pretty angry about it at the time. You’re entitled to your opinion on him or anyone else. Just let other have THEIR opinion, OK? Life is not a zero-sum game. Chill.

I did not take down the posts. Sam decided to move them over my objections. I wanted them to remain and hoped that they would spend thousands taking me court. There wasn’t a chance they would do it since there was nothing untrue with my posts. Everything I said about Bob and how he "worked" with me was the truth. I asked his lawyer for specifics of what I said that was not correct and never heard back. I guess they thought they could bully me with threats but when I called them on it they turned tail and ran. I still believe Bob Bever is the worst FMO I have worked with and my opinion is shared by others. Since you have so many contracts with him I know your opinion of his operation is valid. WARNING TO NEW AGENTS: BASED UPON MY EXPERIENCE STAY AWAY FROM BOB BEVER AND RBI. Now if you want to work with him and tell us how he walks on water, go for it. Until then, you have no experience at all with him as an FMO. The only reason you might think I was angry is because someone decided to check up on my relationship with the FMO and based upon a few friendly conversations posted that I probably was at fault and that Bob was a wonderful human being. Now just who might that person have been that he cared so much about proving me wrong that he took the time to …. Oh screw it. You’re not worth it. Rick

My nomination is Pinney Insurance… but they are hardly the ‘worst.’ Indeed, they are quite good. My objection is that they compete with their sales channel (indie agents) by having a "direct to consumer" side of their business as you can see from this link. I’ve corresponded with Jan Pinney on this and he claims that he is not taking business away from agents because he is reaching a market that we’re not. He runs a good agency, is well-known and well-respected and does a lot to support NAIFA in our area. If this issue is not a concern to you, I recommend them. They sort of keep this web-biz a secret… they don’t tell their agents about it…. and I can understand why. I used to put my DI cases (Principal) through them but when I learned about this I decided to use a different GA, recommended to me by the Principal rep. I don’t think a GA should compete with the agents who bring their business to them. YMMV

Al, thanks for the kind words. I have been with Pinney in both the retail and brokerage services side for several years. I am working with several agents on this forum now that are actually quite satisfied with our services as you had also indicated. Our retail business was actually started to branch out, and for quite a while was completely separate. We have an internal guideline that says if we ever see a case through our internet channel and also see that case through a broker–the tie ALWAYS goes to the broker. For example, I sold a client, got a signed app and exam completed $10,000+ premium case, and a broker got us an app as well. We recommended to the client to proceed with their local broker instead. We have actually seen explosive growth in using our call center to our broker’s advantage. We have many relationships with P&C, health brokers and investment guys that want to offer life insurance but don’t actually want to do the quoting, work and processing. They put their clients through our call center agents and we split the commissions 50/50 with them owning the client. We have taken our knowledge of internet marketing and "given" it away to our brokers and they love us for it. We have helped grow our partners’ agency’s dramitically with website quoting, marketing and services like www.EZlifesales.com. Not to pimp our programs but we built them to serve the middle market and allow our brokers to better deal with their $400 term cases..

I had a horrible experience with a large captive mutual company that everybody knows. They had great products, but when you are fresh in the biz you need more than that.

I was recruited by an agent for Tag Insuance Group. The recruiter never answered my calls or returned messages. His local ‘manager’ had less on the ball than I did. I managed to get the owner on the phone and inspired him to move me direct. After that, I got him on the phone and somehow fast talked him into giving me a release as he had my contract with United Healthcare and getting paid by him. One of the ladies in the office called me a liar because she used a phrase I was unfamiliar with and I answered it wrong. What really surprised me was that they have kept paying me renewals. There was another one in Omaha who wouldn’t accept my calls or return my messages when an HMO was falling apart. I call these places Evil Empires. I now have a wonderful FMO that treats me like a king. In fact they gave me a contract increase without my asking. Call Network Insurance in Florida and ask for Diana Smith and see the difference.

I agree Al. Pinney is VERY good. I was with 3 other IMO’s before I found Pinney and none delivered on their promises like Pinney has. I met Jan Pinney and his wife at a NAIFA meeting a few months ago and can only say good things about that man and his operation. I’ve been in the business long enough to know a good thing when I see one and Pinney is the real deal. Their EZlife platform has allowed me to submit more life insurance business than I ever have. They are on to something huge. If anyone has any specific questions regarding Pinney, feel free to PM me.

If you’re looking for a great life ins MO look no further than Cary Levinson and Assoc. They have been in business for more than 25 years and Cary’s son has taken it to the highest tech level with their own toolbar.

Not a great first post. No one knows you and your first exposure to the forum is to ask for business from the forums members. Your post could be termed an offer which requires 100 posts and to be put in the offers section.

Quoting him only makes his post stick around past it being deleted.

Why was it necessary to include all this jerk’s contact information in your response? So his post is gone, but not yours. You might want to edit this and remember that in the future it’s ok to NOT include spammer’s information in responses. (And you’re not the only one to whom this is addressed). Rick

Should I edit out your contact info when I quote this post? Oh wait, never mind. I reported it, you won’t be able to respond!

I have you blocked so I can’t respond to your question. Rick

Good point…Not so easy to edit a quote when I’m on my phone. And Josh I quote the post because once his is deleted people will understand what mine is about…But I hope you guys like the editing job I did on it now.

Ok. I’ll give you another chance. Screw up again and you’ll be on the list…..permanently. Rick

How about you send me an email next time your banned so I know you really care.

Might be easier to put you in an autoresponder so you get one every now and then. Rick

I am curious why so many agents do not look into who they are getting into business with. I have a gal now who wants my help getting her out of a contract she signed last year. She was promissed the moon and the stars and in the end all those things were never done. She has 39 MA contracts she has written some going back to Oct and Nov she has yet to be paid on those. The agency in question is under investigation by the OCI and yet still they are offering contracts to agents. I would not even consider a company if they were about to get sanctioned by the OCI. Greg Doerfler

Is it just me or are we getting a lot of first post people talking about helping you move contracts today?

The leeches are gearing up for fall.

my worst experience with an fmo ,was my first. I got submissions instead of commissions. We were "given" leads every week and I would be lucky to see anything after paying my "lead" bill. Oddly the client never remember agreeing to a lead. This fmo was …Miracle Insurance in raleigh… who championed the "0 premium" final expense…crooooooooks

This is grand if your stuck with an FMO who promised you the world however they never return your calls or emails I have a way for them to get out of the contract and im a leach. I can offer you the contract or tell you how to move your contract to someone else. Guys I really don’t need your comissions I do fine all on my own I sell 99% final expense. Ma is just a side to my business extra if you will. I would like to share the loophole I found with those who are stuck with a guy like BOB who say you will be swimming in new leads however no leads ever arive. I would like you to know and anyone else who cares I can help them if they want or not. I have recieved five calls from my original post and was able to assist all five agents. I have not hired one of these agents just directed them to local companies who could help them. Thanks and have a nice day. Greg Doerfler Consumer Insurance Advocates Wisconsin Execuitive Market Manager

OK, post the information.

Not trying to be a smart a$$ but why even deal with them. I placed a case thru one in the early 90’s they screwed it up so bad I lost the case which cost me around $22,000. After that I only deal direct, if the company can’t do it fine there are to many great companies that do.

I will offer any agent who contacts me this info however if the are in wisconsin I would like to attempt to recruit them if possible. I do want good agents and this seems like a good way to help others and recruit agents in wisconsin. Greg Doerfler Consumer Insurance Advocates I.E. Bob Bever does not have A UHC contract if an agent signes a UHC contract with me all the business with BOB under CIP traveles with the agent they keep thier clients and they no longer have to deal with BOB. UHC moves the book and BOB cant stop this BOB does not have a UHC contract. He does not want anyone to know this. Now you know if you want a contract I have a very high level UHC contract avaible.

"I have a very high level UHC contract available." Since they no longer offer an MA contract and are purging those MGA’s that don’t have 500 contracts with their downline, how can this be? I think we have a recruiter making an offer he can’t back. Rick

Stupid bastard can’t spell either. Borderline literate cheesehead?

I’ve been in this business for 7 yrs – and have had part in obtaining FMO – SGA – MGA contracts for more than half of the time, I’ve heard horror stories and success stories – Any relationship wether with a marketer or a client in our business is vital – I have no nightmares to speak of! Always received the service and respect as a producer I needed and the contracts I wanted – couldn’t of gotten this far with em!

I wish to thank all who have something positive to say and to help anyone they can with knowledge and information. I use my past experience to help others not tear them down. Your comments have been negative and downright nasty. Why so angry with your posts? My opinion is those who have nothing to contribute here just slam those who are here to help. I can offer agents a higher level contract and teach them new things is this so bad. If I can help get you a bigger contract would you have any interest or just more nasty things to say. Greg Doerfler Consumer Insurance Advocates Wisconsin Executive Market Manager – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – I am curious with as many posts as you guys have are you ever out selling insurance or just sitting on the computer waiting to spam nasty comments. Just saying – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Just in case you didn’t know that would be ( 6.35 posts per day ) I work an 60 to 80 hour work week no time for that many posts.